Sheer Lace Vintage Lingerie

Vintage lace is so intricate and detailed. What way to better appreciate it when its unlined and you can truly enjoy its beauty.

Vintage Peignoir Robe All Lace Unlined Robe Ruffly S Petite Feminine

All Sheer Red Lace vintage Tiered Crinoline Skirt Slip M L

Red Split Lace vintage Henson Babydoll Nightgown S

Victoria's Secret Vintage Nightgown Pink Sheer Lace Bodice Flowing Chiffon

These lace items and more available at

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Lace Inset to Nylon Chiffon Sheer Vintage Nightgowns

Sheer vintage nightgowns are usually a wonderful surprise. From lace insets that allow a peek to just sheer vintage chiffon. Long or short, sweepy and full ~ vintage sheer nightgowns are available in a variety of styles to suit each personality.

And don’t forget, there is nothing like VINTAGE chiffon, made of silky all nylon, heavenly and soft against your skin, and laces just not found in today’s lingerie.

Here are just a few available at :
VintagePretties on RubyLane

Vintage Nightgown Ralph Montero Lace bodice S Off Shoulder

Vintage Babydoll Nightgown Vanity Fair PinPleat Chiffon Panties Set S small

Vintage Nightgown Chantilly Lace Inset Sheer Black S Seductive

Bewitching Black Double Chiffon Vintage Hanky Hem Nightgown S M

Vintage Nightgown Dress 1950's All Sheer Black Nylon Gossard S lacy

VintagePretties on RubyLane

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Vintage Slips Plain or Fancy

Nothing is more beautiful or feminine than a slip. The incredible laces and trims on vintage full slips makes them almost too pretty to hide ~ and they do make fabulous dresses to wear as outerwear.

In virtually any color, from plain and simple to all lace ~ there’s a style for everyone. Here are just a few available at

Vintage Outlet

Vanity Fair vintage Silky Blue nylon Dress full SLIP 32 L Tall

Vintage Slip 60s Barbizon Tafredda Taffeta White Lacy Dress Slip Zipper S

Vintage Slip 50's Dutchmaid dress Slip 36 Unique Chiffon Lace M L

Vintage Slip Deena full dress Slip s 34 Beautiful Baby Blue

Shadowline Vintage Slip two Layer All lace Ruffle Hem XS chiffon

Vintage Outlet

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Relax in a Beautiful Vintage Robe

There’s nothing more wonderful than a comfortable, feminine robe to slip into to relax at night. Long or short, satin or velour, wrap or zip, we have robes you’ll love at
Vintage Outlet

Barbizon Vintage Robe Short Knee length Wrap Fab Color Floral Satin

Miss Elaine vintage long Plush Lilac Robe S Beautiful Embroidery

Unique Stripe vintage Vanity Fair plush lounge Robe .. Purple, lilac M S

Sky Blue Vintage Robe Zip Front Vanity Fair long Robe lounger XS S

Vintage Outlet

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Vintage Nightgowns For a Dramatic Entrance

There’s nothing more dramatic than a full, trailing nightgown, especially for a grand entrance! At

we have huge 200″ sweep nightgowns or even just full A lines that are still impressive. From satins to chiffon ~ there’s something for every taste or preference.

Double Chiffon Sweeping Red Vintage Nightgown with gold embroidery

Vintage Nightgown Undercover Wear Full Sweep Lace Inset TALL s

Vintage Nightgown Victoria's Secret White Satin Full Sweep Lacy S

Vintage Nightgown Intime Black Double Chiffon Full Sweep goddess lingerie


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VintageOutlet Crazy Lady Insane Prices Sale

# 8 Tier Ruffle 60s Cord Peasant Jumper Dress Corset XS S

The secret code = #8 means its on sale for $8

Special circumstances this past year, overwhelming inventory, and a garage full of antiques and collectables have forced me to do this.

I am officially having a “crazy lady” sale ~
Its time for me to go back to my roots, and passion. My passion has always been vintage lingerie. Selling it exclusively from 1998 to about 2005. But when shopping at estate sales, its difficult to pass up the beautiful jewelry, wonderful clothing ~ so I diversified through the years. Adding vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. And yes, even pottery, silver plate. You name it. Leaving my roots..

For months now I have said I was going to have a sale and just blow out anything that wasn’t nylon. I closed two antique mall booths and dragged it home. you can’t walk through my garage from the mall inventory. My stock room is overwhelming with clothing, shoes and accessories.

Its time. I’m having a “roots and wings” sale exclusively for my blog and facebook followers**. I’m keeping my roots of vintage lingerie, and giving wings to everything else.

YOU MUST “like” me on
Vintage Pretties on Facebook
to receive these prices please. 🙂 ~ Or click “FOLLOW THIS BLOG” on the right hand side of the page.

So. I have a “secret code” in all my
Vintage Outlet

listings. In the title you will see a # sign and a number, ie: # 3 then the item description. I used the # instead of a $ sign for my “secret sale”.. so yes. when you see # 1 in the title, that means a fabulous blouse is ONLY a DOLLAR!!!!!!!!

# 1 Darling classic Teal LINEN Liz Claiborne Ladies Pencil Skirt size 8

Yes ~ this Liz Claiborne pencil skirt is only a DOLLAR!

I’m doing quick pictures and hasty descriptions and adding new items as fast as I can with special prices for you. Add to your wardrobe, stock up your own inventory at ridiculous, WAY below cost prices.

# 3 Exquisite Halston Silky vintage 80s Blouse 4 XS S salmon designer

Yep ~ a Halston Blouse for #3
Collect something special? I have everything from bells to steins and cartoon memorabilia. let me know and I’ll list it for you.

This won’t last. I may come to my senses any day now. I’m going to try to hold the sale until Nov 1. But take advantage of my crazy lady weak moment.

Just let me know what you want, and I’ll be happy to send you a reduced invoice. I’ll even add a 10% discount if you use Google Checkout instead of paypal. if you want more than one item, I’ll combine them on one invoice for you.

Be sure to check back daily for more new listings, and let me know immediately if you want something,

Vintage Outlet

YOU MUST “Like” me on facebook for these special deals!

Vintage Pretties on Facebook

NOTE ~ NO lingerie is included in this sale.

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Spend Sunday Morning in a Special Vintage Peignoir Set

Weekends are often just as hectic as work days with errands, shopping and house keeping.. but take a little time for yourself on Sunday mornings.. wake up with a beautiful vintage nightgown and slip on the matching peignoir as you finally get to relax for a little.

Sexy or demure, short or long, colors or white, we have peignoir sets for every taste or style, with more coming this week at
Vintage Outlet

for you to choose from and indulge yourself!

Vintage Bridal Nightgown Peignoir Set White Chiffon Waltz Length S M

Satin Ribbon Chiffon Stripe Lilac Nightgown Peignoir Robe Set s

Natori vintage Nightgown Bedjacket Peignoir Set M Elegant Satin

Simple Pretty Vintage Gilead Long Nightgown Peignoir set S M

Vintage Outlet

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